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Flail Mower FC

Flail Mower FC is purposed for precise cutting and collecting grass on different grass fields.Very precise and even cut can be reached by special shaped hammers and with precise adjustment of the height of cutting.
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Flail Mower FC

The Flail Mower FC is an agricultural equipment that is mounted using a power take-off (PTO). It is specifically designed to handle dense grass or scrub that cannot be effectively managed by a regular lawn mower. The standard flails on this mower have a hammer blade shape.

The Flail Mower, also referred to as the BladeRunner, is the most robust mowing attachment available. It is capable of operating under the most challenging conditions. The mower is equipped with vertically rotating hammer blades that efficiently pulverize plant material, transforming it into a fine pulp. This finely shredded material is then evenly spread across the entire mowing width.

Specification of Flail Mower FC

Structure weight(kg)320360460
Cutting width(cm)115115155
Cutting height(mm)20-50mm20-50mm20-50mm
Rotor diameter(mm)108108108
Hammer Number202832
PTO Turing speed(rpm)540540540
PTO shaft size(mm)T4-800T4-800T4-800
Power Required(hp)


1.Adjustable cutting height

The roller can be set at four different cutting heights, from 1.3 cm to 12.7 cm (1/2 in. to 5 in.) The tractor's 3-point hitch upper link is used to regulate the cutting height between these positions.

The Flail Mower features vertically rotating blades, commonly referred to as "Hammer" blades. These blades spin rapidly, effectively reducing plant material to a fine pulp.

2.Power take-off (PTO) drive shaft and gearbox

All mowers use a heavy-duty gearbox with a continuous rating of 18-55 hp.

The Flail Mower is designed to be easily mounted using a power take-off (PTO) connection, ensuring a reliable power source for efficient operation.

The power is transmitted through fully shielded, telescoping drive shafts with quick-attach and detach characteristics for easy hookup.

3.hammer rotor provides uniform distribution of pulverized material

Rotor revolves at 1850 rpm to produce a 152.9-km/h (95-mph) blade-tip speed for a clean cut.

Hammers are arranged on the rotor to provide uniform distribution of material across the full cutting width.

Hammers pivot at their mounting points to minimize damage if an obstruction is hit.

The mower's standard flails are shaped like hammer blades, providing superior cutting power and pulverizing capability.

4.Tractor hookup

The 25A hitch is now compatible with any Category 1 3-point hitch (with or without the iMatch™ Quick-Coupler system).

It excels at tackling dense grass and scrub that regular lawn mowers may struggle to handle effectively.


All Aiemery flail mowers feature this rugged gearbox. It has a continuous rugged gearbox. It has a continuous 18-55hp rating.

Plus, it comes with a 12 months warranty.

7.Suitable for Tough Conditions

This mower is built with sturdy materials, making it capable of withstanding rigorous use and handling tough vegetation.With its heavy-duty design and powerful cutting action, the Flail Mower is well-suited for handling challenging mowing conditions.

Benefits of Flail Mower FC

Versatility: The Flail Mower is highly versatile and can be used in various applications. It can effectively handle a wide range of vegetation types, including heavier grass and scrub that regular lawn mowers cannot cope with.

Superior Cutting Power: Equipped with hammer blade flails, the Flail Mower delivers powerful cutting performance. The hammer-shaped blades can effectively chop and pulverize tough plant material, ensuring a clean and efficient cut.

Fine Mulching: The vertically rotating hammer blades of the Flail Mower finely shred plant material into a pulp. This results in finely mulched debris that is evenly spread across the mowing width. The fine mulch is beneficial as it decomposes faster and can contribute to improved soil health.

Even Distribution: The Flail Mower's ability to evenly distribute the mulched material is advantageous. It helps to prevent the formation of clumps or uneven coverage, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing and uniformly maintained landscape.

Durability: Designed with heavy-duty construction, the Flail Mower is built to withstand demanding conditions and prolonged use. Its robust construction ensures longevity and minimizes maintenance requirements.

Efficiency: The Flail Mower's efficient cutting and mulching capabilities contribute to time and labor savings. It can cover large areas quickly and effectively, reducing the overall mowing time and effort required.

Tackling Tough Conditions: The Flail Mower is specifically designed to handle challenging mowing conditions. It can effectively manage overgrown areas, thick grass, brush, and other vegetation that may pose difficulties for standard mowers.

Overall, the Flail Mower offers the benefits of versatility, superior cutting power, fine mulching, even distribution, durability, efficiency, and the ability to handle tough mowing conditions. These advantages make it an excellent choice for agricultural operations seeking effective and reliable vegetation management.