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Flail Mower EFD

These have proven themselves to be hugely capable machines on kiwifruit and avocado orchards for annual pruning’s, shelter belt trimmings and under vine mowing as well as dairy farms for controlling high volume weeds eg. gorse Californian and scotch thistle, topping of grasses and debris clean up. With its hydraulically controlled rear door, you can instantly change from a flail mower with instant discharge for high volume situations like paspalum and kaikuia mowing at speed to mulching with the door closed stopping any discharge over the roller to ensure only a fine mulch is left.
  • EFD



Aiemery Heavy Duty Flail Mower EFD

The Aiemery flail mower has proven to be highly capable in various applications such as pruning kiwifruit and avocado orchards, trimming shelter belts, mowing under vines, and controlling high-volume weeds like gorse, Californian thistle, and Scotch thistle on dairy farms. It is also effective for topping grasses and cleaning up debris. One of its notable features is the hydraulically controlled rear door, which allows for instant switching between a flail mower with immediate discharge for situations requiring high volume mowing, such as with paspalum and kaikuia, and mulching with the door closed. This prevents any discharge over the roller, ensuring only a fine mulch remains.

Specification sheet for Flail mower EFD









Structure Weight (kg)




Cutting width (cm)




Cutting height (mm)




Rotor diameter (mm)




Hammer Number




Belt No.




Power Required (hp)




What is a flail mower?

A flail mower is a piece of agricultural machinery specifically designed to handle thick grass and tough vegetation that regular lawnmowers may struggle with. Although there are smaller self-powered models available, most flail mowers are designed to be attached to the three-point hitches located at the rear of compact tractors and operated through a power take-off (PTO) system.

Whether you have a pasture to maintain, need to shred stalks, or have areas along roadsides, parks, or school grounds that require mowing, our diverse selection of flail mowers is prepared to fulfill your needs.

What is a flail mower good for?

A flail mower is a valuable implement for efficiently cutting long grass and brambles, particularly in areas prone to loose debris like roadsides. Its name originates from the flails attached to a horizontal drum, also known as a tube, rotor, or axle, which rotates while in use. This design allows the mower to effectively handle challenging vegetation while minimizing the risk of damage from contact with debris.

What are the advantages of a flail mower over a rotary mower?

When it comes to cutting, rotary mowers are highly effective at clearing overgrown grass, brush, and trees due to their robust hammer or Y blades. Conversely, while flail mowers can also handle brush cutting, they may require additional time to efficiently catch and mulch the brush in comparison to rotary mowers.

Can a flail mower cut small trees?

Indeed, a flail mower is capable of cutting small trees. Nevertheless, the ability of a flail mower to handle trees of a certain size is contingent upon the particular model and the power it possesses. It is crucial to utilize the suitable equipment for the task at hand and verify that the flail mower is specifically designed to manage the size and density of the trees you intend to cut.

How much horsepower does it take to run a flail mower?

The horsepower needed to operate a flail mower varies depending on factors such as its size, type, the density of the vegetation, and the height being cut. Generally, most flail mowers require a minimum of 20 to 30 horsepower to function effectively. However, larger or heavy-duty models may necessitate additional horsepower. To ensure compatibility with your tractor or other equipment, it is essential to refer to the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines for the specific flail mower in question.

Video of how a flail mower EFD work