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Verge Mower AGH-C

  • AGH-C



Verge Mower AGH-C

A verge mower is a specialized piece of equipment designed for cutting grass, weeds, and other vegetation on road verges, embankments, and uneven terrains. Unlike traditional lawnmowers, verge mowers are specifically built to handle rough and uneven surfaces, providing efficient cutting and maintenance in areas that may be challenging to reach with conventional machinery.

Specification Sheet for Verge Mower AGH-C

Cutting width(cm)
Cutting height(mm)10-80
Rotor diameter(mm)
Roller diameter(mm)152*6152*6152*6152*6152*6

Hammer Number

Power Required(hp)

Benefits of Using a Verge Mower

Using a verge mower offers several advantages in terms of safety, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Increased Safety: Overgrown vegetation on road verges can obstruct visibility for drivers, increasing the risk of accidents. Verge mowers help maintain clear sightlines, ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

Time and Labor Efficiency: Verge mowers are designed to cover larger areas in less time compared to manual trimming or using standard lawnmowers. They enable efficient cutting, reducing the need for manual labor and saving valuable time.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Well-maintained road verges and landscapes contribute to the overall appeal of an area. By using a verge mower, the vegetation is kept neat and tidy, enhancing the visual appeal of the surroundings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Verge Mower

When selecting a verge mower, it's essential to consider certain factors to ensure it meets your specific requirements.

Cutting Width and Height Adjustment: The cutting width determines how much area the mower can cover in a single pass. Additionally, having the option to adjust the cutting height allows for customization based on the type of vegetation and terrain.

Power Source Options: Verge mowers can be powered by various sources, including petrol, diesel, electric, or hydraulic. Consider the availability of power sources and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Durability and Maintenance: Look for a verge mower that is built to withstand tough conditions and requires minimal maintenance. Durability ensures a longer lifespan and less downtime for repairs.

Price Range: Set a budget and compare different options within your price range. Consider the features and quality offered by each mower to make an informed decision.