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Verge Mower AGH-B

The flail mower AGH-B model is a type of rotary mower in which the cutting elements are flails shredding the mowed plants. This mowing system was used in a flail cutter for green fodder (often colloquially called rotor). The system, in which the beaters are sharpened masses rotating on the cutting shaft, works well for mowing wasteland and roadsides.
  • AGH-B



Verge Mower AGH-B

A verge mower is a specialized lawn mower that is designed to cut grass, weeds, and other vegetation in areas that are difficult to reach or in terrain that is too rough for traditional mowers. Verge mowers are perfect for mowing along the edges of roads, ditches, embankments, and fence lines. They are also great for clearing overgrown fields and other large areas of vegetation.

Specification of Verge Mower AGH-B

Cuting width(cm)140160180200220
Cuting height(mm)10-8010-8010-8010-8010-80
Rotor diameter(mm)127×8127×8127×8127×8127×8
Roller diameter(mm)152×6152×6152×6152×6152×6
Hammer Number(1.2kg)1214161820
Hammer Number(0.8kg)2022262832
Power   Required(hp)40-8560-9570-11080-12090-130

How does a verge mower work?

Verge mowers work by utilizing a spinning blade or blades to cut through thick grass and other vegetation. These blades can be mounted on the front, rear, or side of the mower. Some models also come with an adjustable arm that allows the operator to adjust the height and angle of the blade to better suit the terrain being mowed. Verge mowers are typically powered by an engine, which can be either gasoline or electric, depending on the model.

Advantages of a verge mower

Verge mowers offer several advantages over traditional lawn mowers. They are designed to handle tough terrain and are perfect for mowing along the edges of roads, ditches, and other hard-to-reach areas. They are also highly efficient and can mow large areas of land quickly.

Factors to consider when buying a verge mower

If you're planning on buying a verge mower, here are some factors to consider:

Cutting width and height

The cutting width and height of a verge mower are important considerations. The cutting width determines how much area the mower can cover at one time, while the cutting height determines how close the mower can cut to the ground. Make sure to choose a cutting width and height that suit the type of vegetation you plan to mow.

Power source

Verge mowers can be powered by gasoline or electricity. Gasoline-powered mowers are typically more powerful, but they also require more maintenance. Electric mowers are quieter and require less maintenance, but they may not be as powerful as gasoline-powered mowers.


Verge mowers come in different sizes and shapes, and some models are more maneuverable than others. Consider the terrain you plan to mow and choose a mower that can handle the terrain effectively.


Maintenance is an important consideration when buying a verge mower. Make sure to choose a mower that is easy to maintain and that has readily available replacement parts.