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Why Use a Wood Chipper- Why don't you have one yet?

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Dealing with trees, especially heavy ones, can become quite a troublesome task, whether it's a tree that has fallen due to a storm or one you've intentionally felled. There are various approaches to managing or disposing of a fallen tree on your property. Among the most effective methods available is using a wood chipper, which offers numerous advantages beyond simply removing the problematic wood. In this article, we'll explore these benefits to demonstrate how a wood chipper can be a valuable tool for your needs.

What Does A Wood Chipper Do?

A wood chipper is a machine that transforms large wood pieces, such as branches and logs, into smaller wood chips or mulch. It achieves this by using sharp blades or cutting mechanisms to shred the wood. Wood chips produced by a chipper find various applications, including landscaping as mulch for moisture retention and weed control, waste reduction for easier disposal or recycling of wood debris, and even as biomass fuel for heating systems. Essentially, a wood chipper simplifies wood processing, making it a valuable tool for homeowners, landscapers, and industries involved in wood waste management.

The Benefits of Wood Chippers

Makes Clean-Up Quicker

Since a wood chipper can efficiently transform substantial, weighty trees into small chips, it greatly simplifies the overall cleanup process compared to alternative methods for disposing of fallen trees. After feeding the larger wood pieces through the chipper, you only need to collect the resulting chunks, which you can then utilize in various ways, including enhancing your garden or selling them for additional income. Additionally, this can help reduce expenses associated with the disposal of "green waste," making the entire process more cost-effective.

No Need To Burn Waste

If your primary means of disposing of excess wood is through burning, wood chips can be more convenient to burn compared to larger tree chunks, although it's not the only option. These chips can serve various useful purposes, potentially reducing your expenses on plant fertilizers and even fuel for your vehicle. This not only benefits the environment by eliminating the harmful emissions often produced during combustion but also contributes positively to your local surroundings.

Same Effort As Hauling Away

Using a wood chipper may appear labor-intensive at first, but it's no more demanding than many other wood disposal methods and often provides greater advantages. Rather than manually chopping and burning the wood or incurring expenses to remove a fallen tree, utilizing a wood chipper allows you to maximize the value of the remaining materials, making it a more efficient and beneficial choice.

Make Useful Materials


A wood chipper can be a valuable tool for producing mulch that can significantly benefit your other plants, eliminating the need for costly store-bought fertilizers or additives. Many wood chippers also offer wood shredding capabilities, which can be particularly useful for mulch production.

When considering wood chippers, it's essential to explore their additional features that could assist you in achieving various outdoor objectives. The more you can leverage your existing resources and generate what you need, the more money you can save compared to purchasing specialized products. Using a wood chipper not only promotes cost-efficiency but also enables you to make the most of the materials you already have on hand.


Some wood chippers offer the additional benefit of being equipped with a shredding function, which can be used to create compost. By shredding not only the wood but also other compostable materials, these items can be finely pulverized and blended together, expediting the composting process compared to traditional methods.

This accelerated breakdown of materials results in high-quality compost that can be used in your garden or for your plants without any extra expense. Saving money is a priority for many, and using a wood chipper, instead of incurring disposal costs and purchasing fertilizers, can lead to significant overall savings.

Pressed Wood

Pressed wood is a versatile material used in crafting various items, including veneers for wooden furniture, pallets, and certain furniture pieces. This type of wood can be manufactured using the wood chips generated from processes like wood chipping. It can be particularly valuable if you have an interest in creating items with pressed wood, or you can even opt to sell these wood chips to individuals or businesses involved in manufacturing such products.

By selling your wood chips, whether for crafting pressed wood or for purposes like mulching or covering flower beds, you can turn a profit instead of incurring expenses on other methods of disposing of unwanted wood. This not only helps you manage wood waste effectively but also offers a financial benefit.


One intriguing application for wood chips is their use in producing biofuel, which can power cars and various machines. This transformation typically involves a process where the wood chips are converted into ethanol with the assistance of specific enzymes. Biofuel represents a promising alternative to conventional gasoline, offering a more environmentally friendly source of energy. Instead of simply burning or discarding wood chips through other means, biofuel presents an eco-friendly and potentially beneficial option, not only for yourself but also for the broader environment and community. It's a step towards more sustainable energy sources and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.


In summary, using a wood chipper offers numerous advantages over alternative methods for disposing of unwanted wood. These benefits encompass aiding the growth of your garden's flowers and plants, contributing to the creation of furniture and various goods, and even supporting the production of biofuels. Any of these advantages can be a compelling reason to invest in a wood chipper instead of resorting to conventional means of removing fallen trees from your property. Ultimately, a wood chipper serves as a versatile tool that can enhance your landscaping, reduce waste, and open up possibilities for resourceful utilization of wood materials.

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