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Single Tine Ripper

  • STR




Single Tine Tractor Ripper

The Changzhou AIMERY STR series single tine tractor is specifically designed for tractors ranging from 15 to 40 horsepower. This implement is known for its strength and versatility, making it a reliable tool for various agricultural tasks. The cutting teeth of the tractor are made from hardened steel and can be easily replaced when necessary. Additionally, the working depth of the implement can be adjusted based on the power of the tractor and the condition of the soil.

The AIMERY STR series single tine tractor is compatible with popular compact tractor brands such as Kubota, Kioti, Iseki, Pasquali, Yanmar, Solis (an Indian brand), Mahindra, as well as other compact tractors like the New Holland Boomer 25 and John Deere. It features a universal three-point linkage with Category 1 specifications, ensuring easy attachment to the tractor.

Attaching the tractor ripper to your compact tractor is a straightforward process, allowing you to quickly prepare it for work whenever needed.

Specification Sheet for Single Tine Tractor Ripper




Dimensions (L   * W * H)






Working width



Working depth(max)



How does a Single Tine Tractor Ripper work?

The Single Tine Tractor Ripper is designed to break through compacted soil layers and remove obstacles like rocks and roots. When attached to the tractor's three-point hitch, it is lowered into the ground by hydraulics or manual controls. The sharp tine at the end of the ripper is then forced into the soil, effectively breaking it apart and creating deep furrows.

Advantages of using a Single Tine Tractor Ripper

Using a Single Tine Tractor Ripper offers several advantages for agricultural and land management activities:

Enhanced soil aeration: The deep penetration of the ripper tine allows for better aeration of the soil, promoting healthier root development and improved plant growth.

Increased water infiltration: By breaking up compacted soil layers, the ripper facilitates better water absorption and reduces surface runoff, preventing erosion and enhancing irrigation efficiency.

Soil compaction reduction: The ripper helps alleviate soil compaction, which is beneficial for root penetration, nutrient uptake, and overall soil health.

Versatility: Single Tine Tractor Rippers can be used in various soil conditions and terrains, including agricultural fields, construction sites, and land reclamation projects.

Applications of Single Tine Tractor Rippers

Single Tine Tractor Rippers find applications in a range of industries and activities, including:

Agriculture: They are used for soil preparation, planting bed creation, and subsoiling in crop fields.

Landscaping: Rippers help in leveling and preparing the ground for landscaping projects, such as lawn installation or garden bed establishment.

Construction: In construction sites, the ripper is useful for excavating and preparing the ground before building foundations or laying pipelines.

Land reclamation: Single Tine Tractor Rippers aid in restoring and rehabilitating land for various purposes, including wildlife habitat creation and erosion control.