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Five Tine Ripper

  • 5TR


  • 5TR-150


Tractor Five Tine Ripper

The Changzhou AIMERY five-tine tractor is specifically designed to be compatible with tractors ranging from 30 to 45 horsepower. This implement is known for its strength and versatility. It features replaceable cutting teeth made of hardened steel. The working depth can be easily adjusted based on the power of the tractor and the condition of the soil.

The five-tine rippers are engineered to effectively break up hard, compacted ground, leaving it open and aerated. This is particularly important for land management in Australia. Compacted ground tends to accumulate standing water in the form of puddles, which evaporates quickly due to the harsh climate. Additionally, sloping ground often faces issues with water runoff. By breaking up the ground, the subsoil moisture increases, allowing plants to develop deeper roots.

Attaching the ripper is a simple process, ensuring that it is ready to use whenever you need it.

Specification sheet for Tractor Five Tine Ripper



Motive power

30 - 45hp Tractors

3-point   suspension










Plowshare   number:


Working width


Working depth


Benefits of Using a Tractor Five Tine Ripper

Improved Soil Penetration: The primary benefit of using a tractor five tine ripper is its ability to penetrate deep into the soil, breaking up compacted layers and allowing plant roots to access nutrients and water more effectively.

Enhanced Soil Drainage: By creating channels in the soil, the ripper helps improve drainage, preventing waterlogging and facilitating the movement of excess water away from the plant roots.

Increased Soil Aeration: Compact soil restricts the flow of oxygen to plant roots. By loosening the soil structure, the ripper promotes better soil aeration, ensuring the roots receive the necessary oxygen for healthy growth.

Reduced Soil Erosion: Breaking up compacted layers with a tractor five tine ripper helps prevent soil erosion by allowing water to infiltrate the soil more easily, reducing runoff.

Enhanced Nutrient Availability: Deep tillage with a ripper enables better nutrient distribution throughout the soil, increasing the availability of essential elements for plant growth.

How Does a Tractor Five Tine Ripper Work?

A tractor five tine ripper operates by attaching the implement to the three-point hitch of a tractor. The tines, positioned in a row, are dragged through the soil as the tractor moves forward. As the tines penetrate the ground, they fracture the soil, creating fissures and channels that improve soil structure.

The ripping depth can be adjusted based on the specific requirements of the soil and the crops being grown. Once the soil has been fractured, subsequent passes with other implements, such as a disc harrow or a cultivator, can further break down the soil clods and prepare it for planting.