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Wood Chipper BX62R

The wood chipper BX62R utilizes a rotor that is powered by a PTO (power take-off) and a hydraulic feed hopper. This allows for controlled feeding of branches, limbs, and brush, resulting in continuous chipping at its highest capacity.
  • BX62R



Wood Chipper BX62R

The BX62R is a wood chipper designed for use with tractors with a power output between 40 and 80 horsepower. It can handle branches up to 6 inches in diameter, making it a good choice for homeowners with large yards or commercial properties.

Specification of Wood Chipper BX62R





Structure weight(kg)


Chipper housing opening


Rotor size


Number of Rotor knives


Rotor weight(kg)


Feeding system

Hydraulic feed

Hopper opening


Discharge hood rotation


Discharge hood height


Rated RPM


Matching power (hp)


Packing size(cm)


Features of the Wood Chipper BX62R

Some of the features of the BX62R include:

  • A self-feeding design, which allows you to easily and safely feed branches into the chipper without having to force them in.

  • A chipping capacity of up to 6 inches in diameter.

  • An adjustable discharge chute that can be rotated 360 degrees.

  • Heavy-duty construction, including a reinforced steel frame and solid steel rotor.

Benefits of Using a Wood Chipper BX62R

There are several benefits to using a wood chipper BX62R, including:

  • Reduced waste: By chipping up branches and other debris, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste you produce.

  • Improved aesthetics: A wood chipper can help you keep your property looking neat and tidy by getting rid of unsightly branches and debris.

  • Mulch: The wood chips produced by the BX62R can be used as mulch in your garden, helping to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

  • Time-saving: Using a wood chipper can save you time and effort compared to manually disposing of branches and other debris.

How to Use a Wood Chipper BX62R

Using a wood chipper BX62R is fairly straightforward, but it's important to follow some basic safety guidelines:

1. Read the manual carefully before using the chipper.

2. Wear protective clothing, including eye and ear protection.

3. Make sure the chipper is securely attached to your tractor and that all safety guards are in place.

4. Feed branches into the chipper slowly and steadily, using the self-feeding design to your advantage.

5. Never reach into the chipper while it's running.

Maintenance Tips for the Wood Chipper BX62R

To keep your BX62R running smoothly, it's important to perform regular maintenance, including:

  • Checking the oil and fluid levels before each use.

  • Lubricating moving parts as needed.

  • Cleaning the chipper after each use.

  • Sharpening or replacing the blades as needed.

Common Issues with the Wood Chipper BX62R

While the BX62R is a reliable and well-built machine, there are a few common issues to be aware of, including:

  • Clogs: If you try to feed too many branches into the chipper at once, it can become clogged, which can be difficult to clear.

  • Dull blades: If the blades become dull or damaged, the chipper may not work as efficiently or effectively.

  • Belt issues: The BX62R uses a belt to drive the rotor, and if this belt becomes loose or damaged, the chipper may not work properly.