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Snow Blower XCP136

  • XCP136

  • Aiemery


Snow Blower XCP136

XCP136 is a gas snow blower that operates using a gasoline engine. These machines are popular because they offer more power and mobility compared to electric models, making them suitable for larger areas and heavier snowfall. Gas snow blowers come in various sizes and configurations, from single-stage models ideal for light snow on smaller driveways to two-stage or three-stage models capable of handling deep snow and tough conditions on larger properties. They're a popular choice for homeowners and professionals who need reliable snow removal equipment for winter maintenance.

Specification of Aiemery Wood Chipper XCP136

Working width(mm)1360
Auger diameter400
Auger speed(r/min)900
TransmissionSide sprocket drive
Motive powerHonda engine, 13hp, 1800r/min