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Mini round baler MRB0850/0870

  • MRB0850

  • Star

  • 20-50HP

  • MRB0850/0870


Mini Round Baler MRB0850 and MRB0870

If you have a small farm and want to do your own hay baling, the mini round baler MRB0850&MRB0870 with TWINE is the very baler for you! Then, you can control the quality of your hay by baling when the hay is at peak nutritional value, instead of waiting for the other farmers to help you when they have free time.

Thanks to Japanese technology and manufactured in China, MRB0850&MRB0870 mini round baler is the most affordable high-quality mini baler on the market.

MRB0850&MRB0870 Mini Round Balers feature robust construction for years of trouble-free baling. The superior design and simple plug&play and hydraulics are completely self-contained, meaning no messy hydraulic hoses to deal with.

The MRB0850&MRB0870 Mini Hay Baler helps farmers, and ranchers, convert hay, straw, mowing, and harvest residue into stalks into a marketable product to generate income!

The baler is easy to operate and its simple design or construction allows most buyers to start performance baling within a few hours. Just hook the machine to your tractor’s three-point linkage, install the PTO transmission shaft, connect the wiring harness and then enjoy your work!!

The MRB0850 Mini round baler can be efficiently run by 20-50hp tractors. And MRB0870 can be easily run by 30-50hp tractors. Because of their small size, they could be easily stored in the corner of the barn or shed.

The MRB0850&MRB0870 Mini round hay baler is the perfect machine for you at the right size and the right price, to finally control the quality of your hay production by yourself.

Specification of Mini Round Hay Balers




Dimension (mm)



Bale size (L×W)   (cm)



Working width (cm)



Tire size



Working speed



Weight (kg)



Matching power (hp)

24- 40


PTO speed(rpm)



Packing size(cm)



Features of Mini Round Hay Balers

  • Twine binding

  • Easy handling bale

  • Easy adjustment of the bale density

  • Switch box

All the operation is done on your tractor seat by the switch box. The buzzer goes off and notifies you when bale density reaches a set value.

  • Safety device

The gearbox output is protected by shear bolt. When overload occurs, the shear bolt will cut itself and protect the machine from damage.

  • Durable steel rollers

      Highly durable steel rollers are adopted for the compression system. Power fluctuation is less than hay square baler, stable and noiseless operation can be expected.


What is the smallest round hay baler?

MRB0850 hay baler is the smallest mini round baler. The light and compact body enable you to work in the small fields and wet fields as well. With compact design and 3point hitch direct attaching, it can easily turn in a small field compared to traction type hay balers. This hay balers are made in China but uses Janpese technology. It's perfect for small operations of 5-20 acres.

The MRB0850 round mini round baler need any tractor more than 20hp and lower than 50hp, driven by 540rpm PTO, 12V Voltage.

What size is a mini round bale?

The bale of MRB0850 is 500mm in diameter, 700mm in length.

The bale of MRB0870 is 610mm in diameter, 700mm in length.

What is the smallest hay baler made?

At present we have 2 size small round balers. The mallest is MRB0850 version. It dimension is 115×130×130cm(45.3“ ×51.2”×51.2”) Weight is about 390kg

Does the mini baler require hydraulics in the tractor?

No, the MRB series mini round balers have self-contained hydraulics! It has a small hydraulic pump that is driven by the PTO. As long as the PTO is engaged you can operate the tailgate. No messy, pesky hoses or adapters to deal with!

Is this baler easy to maintain?

Preventative maintenance is crucial for any agricultural tools. These balers require normal maintenance: chains must be regularly lubed, grease nipple must be greased every 10 working hours, and stock the machine in a clean and dry area. Doing these maintenances will make your machine stay in the perfect situation for working every time and have a long lifetime. These Maintenances are easy to do, please find this information from the manual.