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Mini Crawler Dumper

  • 7TY


  • 7.5KW, 6.5KW, 4KW

  • 1200, 800, 600



The 7TY series mini crawler dumper or mini tracked dumper from Chinese mini crawler dumper manufacture Changhzou AIEMERY, is the ideal mini dumper solution for materials handing in warehouses, greenhouses and especially in rough or steep terrain.  Thanks to its small size and compact body, the mini tracked dumper is every agile and versatile and allows it to fit into tight, narrow spaces, including doorways. Our mini tracked dumpers are very good at transporting materias of building and construction, agricultural, horticultural and landscaping.


Model 7YDL-1200 7YDL-800 7YDL-600
Size L*W*H 2300*950*1200mm 2150*950*1170mm 2100*700*1070mm
Cargo box size   L*W*H 1400*950*500mm 1250*850*500mm 1250*700*500mm
Engine Model Disel   190 (7.5KW) Disel   186FS (6.5Kw) Disel   178FS  (4Kw)
Gearbox Material Nodular cast iron 2100 Nodular cast iron   G13 Nodular cast iron   G10
Track Specifications 230*72*46mm 180*72*43mm 180*72*43mm
Track Material Engineering   rubber track Engineering   rubber track Engineering   rubber track
Material/ supporting wheel size Steel 6*150 Steel 3*150 Steel 3*150
Unloading method Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Start method Electric Electric Electric
Clutch Pull rod Pull rod Pull rod
Loading Capacity 1.2T 0.8T 0.6T
Net Weight 0.62T 0.45T 0.4T
Minimum turning radius 2.2m 1m 1m
Gearbox 3 forward +1 backward 3 forward +1 backward 3 forward +1 backward
Height of the cargo box from the ground 500mm 415mm 415mm
Steering Tie rod Tie rod Tie rod
Steering method Clutch disc Clutch disc Clutch disc


  • Perfect stability and tipping control.

  • High efficency gearbox drive sytem.

  • Strong body, high loading capacity

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Available in low and high tip.

  • Climbing Angle: 35°

Versatility and Applications of Mini Crawler Dumpers

Mini crawler dumpers find applications in a wide range of industries, thanks to their versatility and adaptability.

Construction and landscaping projects

In construction sites, mini crawler dumpers are used to transport various materials like gravel, sand, and concrete. Their ability to maneuver through tight spaces and deliver materials to precise locations makes them invaluable for projects such as residential or commercial building construction. They are also utilized in landscaping projects to transport soil, plants, and other landscaping materials.

Agriculture and farming

Mini crawler dumpers are well-suited for agricultural applications, aiding in the transportation of crops, fertilizers, and farm equipment. Their compact size allows them to access fields without causing damage to crops or soil. These machines are also used in nurseries and horticulture for moving plants, mulch, and other gardening supplies.

Mining and excavation

In mining and excavation projects, mini crawler dumpers play a crucial role in transporting extracted materials such as ore, gravel, or rocks. Their ability to navigate through uneven and rough terrains, including mines and quarries, ensures efficient material handling and contributes to increased productivity.

Maintenance and repair work

Mini crawler dumpers are also employed in maintenance and repair work, both indoors and outdoors. They are useful for carrying tools, equipment, and supplies to different locations, enabling workers to efficiently complete tasks. Their compact size makes them suitable for maneuvering through narrow hallways, making them a valuable asset in facilities such as hospitals, warehouses, and airports.


Hydrauilc lift

mini crawler dumpermini crawler dumper


mini crawler dumper