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Inter-row Mower FZM-UF

  • FZM-UF



Aiemery Inter-row Mower FZM-UFInter-row Barrier Mower FZM-UF

The inter-row mower is a critical piece of agricultural equipment that plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and precision in farming operations. Changzhou Aiemery Agri-machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a modern orchard management machine known as the Inter-row Barrier Mower FZM-UF. This mower is designed to mow grass in standardized orchards while automatically avoiding tree trunks. Its advanced features enable it to efficiently maintain the space between rows and plants in orchards, making it a valuable addition to orchard management tools.

The inter-row disc can be used both to complete the work on the row done with other tools, and to quickly mow weeds under the stomp.

  • Grass cutting allows to maintain the height of the turf at a manageable height with minimal disturbance of the ground. The timing of the intervention should be based on the agronomic objective (e.g. preventing the grass from seeding).

  • High cutting with respect to flush cutting allow respectively the favourable development of useful species to the detriment of others.

  • Grass cutting, if done alone, must be performed frequently to reduce competition in the rows.

  • The inter-row disc allows for the mulching practice to be performed: the cut organic material is left on the surface to suppress the development of various types of weeds, make good use of the shade offered and, thanks to the decomposition of the residues left on the ground, enriches the soil with useful nutrients.

Specification sheet for Inter-row Mower FZM-UF









Side shift




Structure Weight (kg)




Cutting width of mower (cm)




Cutting width of Disc Mower (cm)




Cutting height (mm)




Rotor diameter (mm)




Oil tank (L)




Power Required (hp)




Benefits of Inter-row Mower FZM-UF

  • It has its own fuel tank and cooling fan, does not require the hydraulic output of the tractor, and only needs the power of a tractor with more than 60 horsepower;

  • The suspension can move about 20cm left and right to adapt to different working environments;

  • The disc has an outer diameter of 70cm and an inner diameter of 60cm, which can clean up most of the weeds on the ridge and between the plants;

  • The height and angle of the disc obstacle avoidance can be adjusted according to customer needs;

  •  The inter-row part of the lawn mower can handle branches below 4cm, and the high-efficiency mowing of grass and branches can be used for multiple purposes.

Inter-row Mower FZM-UF Scope of Application

  • Ecological sightseeing gardens and picking gardens that implement grass planting in orchards and natural grass growing;

  • Organic orchards, fruit demonstration orchards and horticultural standardized orchards;

  • Professional fruit cooperatives and fruit technical service teams provide production services for members;

  • Agricultural and forestry parks without herbicides;

  • Weeding and maintenance in nurseries, solar power stations, etc.

How Does an Inter-row Mower Work?

An inter-row mower works by cutting vegetation planted between crop rows. The machine is designed to be adjustable, allowing farmers to set the cutting height according to their needs. This means that the mower can cut low-growing vegetation without damaging the crops.

Some inter-row mowers are also designed to be versatile, allowing them to be used for other tasks in the field. For example, some models can be used for trimming grass along fence lines or maintaining roadside vegetation.

Choosing the Right Inter-row Mower

When choosing an inter-row barrier mower for your crop fields, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some factors to consider:

Size and Maneuverability

Make sure to choose a mower that is the right size for your fields and crops. You'll also want to consider the mower's maneuverability, as this will affect how easy it is to navigate around obstacles and tight spaces.

Blade or Brush Type

Inter-row barrier mowers can use either blades or brushes to cut down weeds and other unwanted growth. Consider which type of mower will be best for your specific needs.

Self-Propelled vs. Push Mower

Some inter-row barrier mowers are self-propelled, while others are pushed manually. Self-propelled mowers can be more efficient and easier to use, but they also tend to be more expensive.

How to Use an Inter-Row Mower Efficiently

To make the most of an inter-row mower, proper usage techniques are crucial. It is important to adjust the mower's height and cutting width according to the crop's requirements. Regularly inspecting and sharpening the mower blades will help maintain optimal cutting performance. Moreover, operating the inter-row mower at the right speed and ensuring proper overlap between passes will ensure thorough mowing coverage.

Video of Inter-row Mower