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Flail Rotor Blade

0.3kg small Y shape blade are mainly designed for light duty flail mower model EF and ATV Flail Mower.
  • 0.3kg Y blade



Flail Rotor Blade

Flail rotor blades are a remarkable innovation that has revolutionized various industries, offering efficient cutting and vegetation management solutions. From agriculture to construction and forestry, these blades have become essential tools for professionals seeking high-performance equipment.


  • EF Flail Rotor Blade

  • Weight 0.3kg

  • Blades are reversible

  • 13mm diameter bolt

  • Cutting edge length is 60mm

  • Blade fits Flail Mowers:

  • EF series flail mower

  • ATV120 flail mower

Working Principle of Flail Rotor Blades

Flail rotor blades are designed to perform cutting, shredding, and mulching tasks with exceptional precision. These blades are typically attached to a rotating rotor, which is driven by a power source such as a tractor's power take-off (PTO) or hydraulic motor. The blades are strategically arranged on the rotor, allowing them to swing freely while maintaining a controlled cutting path.

The swinging motion of the flail rotor blades enables them to tackle various materials, including dense vegetation, crops, and even small trees. As the rotor spins, the blades make contact with the target material, using their cutting edges to break it down. The swinging action enhances the efficiency of the blades, ensuring consistent and thorough cutting performance.

Applications of Flail Rotor Blades

Agriculture: Crop harvesting and land clearing

In the agriculture industry, flail rotor blades have become indispensable for crop harvesting and land clearing tasks. These blades are commonly used in combination with agricultural machinery, such as flail mowers or harvesters, to efficiently cut and mulch crops. Whether it's cutting grass, corn stalks, or other crops, flail rotor blades offer a reliable solution for farmers seeking to enhance their harvesting processes.

Moreover, flail rotor blades find extensive use in land clearing applications. Whether it's preparing a field for planting or clearing overgrown areas, these blades excel at cutting through dense vegetation, shrubs, and brush. Their versatility and ability to handle various materials make them a preferred choice for agricultural professionals.

Construction: Demolition and land clearing

In the construction industry, flail rotor blades are employed for demolition and land clearing tasks. These blades, when attached to excavators or skid steer loaders, can effectively cut through small trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that hinder construction activities. Flail rotor blades offer an efficient alternative to manual labor, enabling construction teams to clear sites quickly and prepare them for further development.

Forestry: Tree felling and vegetation management

Flail rotor blades play a crucial role in forestry operations, offering efficient tree felling and vegetation management capabilities. Whether it's selective tree removal, forest thinning, or maintaining firebreaks, these blades provide the necessary cutting power to tackle even the toughest of tasks. Their ability to efficiently shred branches and vegetation aids in maintaining forest health and reducing the risk of wildfires.