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  • BRM180




A boom arm brush mower is a heavy-duty equipment used for cutting and clearing brush, small trees, and thick vegetation. It consists of a hydraulic boom arm attached to a cutting mechanism, allowing operators to reach and trim vegetation in areas that are difficult to access with traditional mowers or hand tools. These machines are commonly used in land and property maintenance, agriculture, forestry, and roadside vegetation management.

Description of AIEMERY Brand BRM 

Got hedges that need trimmed?

Brush over growing your driveway?

Scrub that needs controlled?

Will cut a flat top hedge that is 11 feet tall.

Will cut vertical side and up to 6 feet out.

Finger bar sickle hedge cutter connects to your tractors remote hydraulics to make quick easy work of those problem areas that a normal mower cannot reach.

Specification Sheet for Aiemery BRM mower

7.10 Hedge Trimmer BRM 2

Required Hydraulic Pressure

2250 to 3500 PSI

Required Hydraulic Flow

8 GPM to 11 GPM

Unit Net Weight

552 lbs.

Gross Shipping Weight

608 lbs

Mower Head Only Weight

93 lbs

Brush Cutting Diameter

1 inch

Maximum Up Reach

136 inches +

Side Reach at Maximum UP

36 inches +

Reach at Ground

51 inches +

Addition of Cutting Bar

70 inches

Travel Position

89 inches left, 51 right

Advantages of Using a Boom Arm Brush Mower

Increased Reach and Versatility

One of the primary advantages of a boom arm brush mower is its extended reach. With the ability to extend and maneuver the boom arm, operators can easily reach over obstacles such as fences, ditches, or uneven terrain. This increased reach enables efficient vegetation management in areas that would otherwise be challenging to access.

Efficient Brush Clearing

Boom arm brush mowers are designed to tackle dense brush and small trees effectively. Equipped with powerful cutting blades, they can quickly clear overgrown areas, reducing brush and vegetation to manageable levels. The cutting mechanism is specifically designed to handle tough materials, ensuring efficient and reliable performance even in demanding conditions.

Enhanced Safety

Compared to manual brush clearing methods, boom arm brush mowers offer enhanced safety for operators. By keeping the operator at a safe distance from the cutting zone, these machines minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. The sturdy construction of the boom arm and cutting mechanism provides a protective barrier between the operator and the vegetation being cleared.

Time and Cost Savings

Boom arm brush mowers are highly efficient, allowing operators to clear larger areas in less time compared to manual labor. This increased productivity translates to significant time and cost savings for both commercial operators and property owners. By automating the vegetation clearing process, these machines eliminate the need for manual labor and reduce the associated expenses.

Applications of Boom Arm Brush Mowers

Boom arm brush mowers find applications in various industries and sectors due to their versatility and performance. Some common applications include:

Land and Property Maintenance

Boom arm brush mowers are widely used in land and property maintenance tasks such as clearing overgrown areas, maintaining fence lines, and removing unwanted vegetation. Whether it's clearing brush from a backyard or maintaining a large property, these machines offer efficient and precise cutting capabilities.

Agriculture and Forestry

In agriculture and forestry, boom arm brush mowers are used for clearing brush, small trees, and undergrowth. They are especially valuable in maintaining pastures, orchards, and forested areas. The ability to access hard-to-reach areas makes them an indispensable tool for farmers and foresters.

Roadside Vegetation Management

Municipalities and highway maintenance crews often employ boom arm brush mowers for roadside vegetation management. These machines can efficiently clear brush along roadsides, ensuring clear visibility and preventing overgrowth from obstructing traffic signs and signals.